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Regional Innovation Report: South East Czech Republic

Regional Innovation Report: South East Czech Republic


The Czech NUTS 2 region Southeast (Jihovýchod) is a statistical unit which consists of two NUTS 3 self-governing regions: Jihomoravský kraj (South Moravia) and Kraj Vysočina (Highlands). In terms of research and innovation performance and capacities, these two NUTS 3 regions are very different with Jihomoravský representing more than 93% of Southeast’s overall R&D investment.

Mechanical and electrical engineering represent the key drivers of export performance in both NUTS III regions. Export in electrical engineering is dominated by large foreign companies than in case of mechanical engineering. In Jihomoravský kraj, or more specifically in Brno metropolitan area, the ICT sector has been growing fast in the recent years, partly thanks to activities of several global companies (e.g. IBM, AVG, Red Hat etc.), while Vysočina’s strength is in production of automotive components (e.g. Bosch, Automotive Lighting, Valeo, etc.).

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