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Industrial innovation

Public procurement networks

Three Public Procurement Networks became operational in September 2009. This is the first time that the Commission funds specialised procurement networks dedicated to innovation. Each receives about 1 million EUR in funding.

enprotex logo


Partners: Firebuy, the National Procurement Agency for the fire and rescue service in England (UK), Belgian Ministry of the Interior IBZ (BE), Dutch national Disaster Response Agency LFR (NL)

Objective: ENPROTEX seeks to spark innovation of protective textiles through public procurement to meet the future needs of fire and rescue services using a number of methodologies including; establishing and sustaining a specialised platform of European Network of Public Procurement Organisations; developing cooperation among public procurers; providing an interface with both end-users and manufacturers. In particular, the project will aim to provide industry with forward commitments for the procurement of protective textiles products so as to encourage innovation in the sector.


Check how the network encourages innovation by public procurement of innovative good and services:

French version of the video
Flemish version of the video

Contact: Mr Terry Brewer, “Firebuy” Chief Executive Officer – terry.brewer(at)

logo of SCI-Network“SCI-NETWORK”

Partners: ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (Europe), Transport for London TFL (UK), City of Torino (IT), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (UK), Dutch National Procurers Association PIANOo (NL), Culminatum, Helsinki Region Centre of Expertise (FI), University of Klagenfurt (AT), Motiva, National Agency for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (FI)

Objective: The Sustainable Construction and Innovation Network (SCI-NETWORK) brings together a strong group of public authorities and other key stakeholders wishing to drive sustainable innovations in public construction and regeneration projects across Europe. The network hopes to help combat the cross-border fragmentation of the sector and ensure the spread of good ideas. Specific working groups focus on 5 topics: application of environmental standards in renovation; new technical solutions; procuring innovation; whole-life costing; financing & contracting.


Check how the network encourages innovation by public procurement of innovative good and services:

 Italian version of the video

Contact: Mrs Abby Semple, “ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability” Sustainable Procurement, Project Co-ordinator – abby.semple(at)

“LCB-HEALTHCARE”logo of lcb-healthcare

Partners: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills BIS (UK), Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO (NL), Norwegian Directorate for Health Affaires(NO), Rawicz Hospital (PL), Department of Health DH (UK), European Health Property Network EuHPN (NL)

Objective: The Low Carbon Building (LCB) - Healthcare network seeks to stimulate innovative low-carbon building solutions for the healthcare sector. A platform for a network of public procurement stakeholders that wish to be proactive in stimulating innovative low-carbon building solutions for the healthcare sector will be created. Demonstration pilots will be done in all consortium countries aiming at collating, testing and developing further the tools created and enabling the spread of best practices.


Check how the network encourages innovation by public procurement of innovative good and services:


Contact: Ms Sue Creese, Innovation Procurement Policy, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills – sue.creese(at) and/or Mrs Gaynor Whyles Consultant FCP Programme Manager, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) – gaynor.whyles(at)

Public authorities interested in participating in any of these networks are encouraged to get in touch with the network co-ordinators directly.

Also, this initiative wishes to identify and connect all projects in Europe dealing with innovation in public procurements. Do not hesitate to email us informing about what you are developing: bertrand.wert(at)


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