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Industrial innovation

"Mission Growth" Media Package

Logo Mission Growth

Speech by President Barroso

Speech by Vice President Tajani

Press memo 29.05.2012: Overview of EU measures to reshape EU industry

Forum 1: Financing Industrial Innovation Forum 2: Boosting Market Demand for New Products Forum 3: Skills for the New Industrial Revolution




The launch of the Consultation on Industrial Policy Communication 2012

The European Commission's support in access to markets

The European Exchange Programme which helps young entrepreneurs to acquire the skills needed to run a small firm in another country.

Find out more about the financial instruments for enterprises

How is the Commission promoting the international activities of SMEs?A handy guide for the press on the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs , where you can find all the information you need on the programme.
What can the European Commission do for enterprises?Press Release: New initiatives to assist small enterprises to go internationalDo you have a business idea? Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is for you! Download the brochure
A quick guide to fundingPress Release: Opening the world for small and medium sized enterprises to enhance EU growthDo you want some fresh ideas for your business? Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is for you! Download the brochure
The EU Action Plan improves access to finance for Europe's 23 million SMEs. Take a look!Standardisation and CompetitivenessFind out how entrepreneurship programmes in higher education  can make a difference
An overview of the main funding opportunities available to European SMEsThe Your Europe Business Portal: the Companies portal for cross-border activities with information and interactive services to expand businesses abroadWOMEN ENTREPRENEURS
The European Small Business Portal Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs

The Contract and Grants page on the Europa website gives an overview of all EU programmes and instruments


Women only account for 34.4% of the self-employed in Europe. Find out how this can change.






E-skillsmatter. An overview of ICT for growth and competitiveness.






Find out more about the Commission's Digital Agenda


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