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Industrial innovation

Demand-side policies

Policies and Measures to foster the market uptake of innovations

Demand-side innovation policy tools and measures, for example legislation that increases consumer confidence in innovations, safety regulations, standards, labels and public procurement of innovations, complement public funding schemes (e.g. research and development grants, loans and tax credits) that are called "supply-side innovation policy tools" and are intended to support, enable or increase the uptake of innovations.

Creating effective links between demand-side with supply-side tools is an opportunity for the EU, all Member States, and in many cases, also regions, in order to increase the impact and efficiency of the innovation ecosystem. For that reason, the European Commission has launched an Action Plan to boost demand for innovations. Public authorities can apply various policies that could foster the uptake of innovations.

Demand side action plan areas

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For further information, send your request to the unit Innovation Policy for Growth of the Directorate General Enterprise and Industry

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