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Industrial innovation

Innobarometer sheds light on innovation across Europe

The Innobarometer is an annual opinion poll of businesses or general public on attitudes and activities related to innovation policy.

The Innobarometer is conducted as part of the Eurobarometer series. It provides policy relevant information direct from business or the general public which is not available from other sources.

NEW! Innobarometer 2014: The role of public support in the commercialisation of innovations

The main problem for the commercialisation of innovative goods or services is the lack of financial resources. This is one of the main results of the Innobarometer 2014 (Press memo).

The results also show that most EU companies have not received any public financial support for R&D or other innovation activities. Furthermore, half of the companies that declare having received public financial support of some kind say this support was important for developing innovations but more than two thirds of the companies that received public (financial or non-financial) support for commercialising their innovations say this support was not important.

The survey highlights that two thirds of responding companies have introduced at least one innovation in the last two years whereas just over one in five companies have carried out research and development activities directly or indirectly. Six in ten of the innovative companies declare that innovations account for up to one fourth of the annual turnover.

Collaboration with other companies seems to be crucial to market, distribute or promote innovative goods or services as companies without innovative goods or services are less likely to have collaborated.

The Innobarometer is published as a special issue of the Flash Eurobarometer. The 2014 survey was conducted in the 28 EU Member States as well as in Switzerland and the United States. It was designed to benchmark innovation activities in a range of areas, as well as explore barriers to commercialisation and the role of public funding in the diffusion of innovation. The survey covered the following areas:

  • Profiles of companies that develop innovations, including the most common areas where innovations have occurred since January 2011
  • The impact of innovations on turnover
  • Actors involved in the development of ideas for innovation
  • Types of public support received for innovation activities and its importance for innovation
  • Barriers to commercialisation of both innovative and non-innovative products and services
  • The role innovation plays in public procurement, including involvement in the Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions.

A summary is available and can be consulted for further background. 

Previous issues of Innobarometers

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