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Industrial innovation

Innovation Policy

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Our objective is to develop policy initiatives aiming at the modernization of the EU industrial base through accelerating the uptake of innovation. An industrial modernisation in Europe requires the successful commercialisation of product and service innovations, the industrial exploitation of innovative manufacturing technologies and processes as well as innovative business models.
Our activities are an integral part of the EU’s Industrial Policy and focus on:

  • the monitoring of innovation performance and of the uptake of innovation in order to identify developments that require a policy intervention,
  • the development of policies to foster the broad commercialization of innovation by EU industry (e.g. public procurement of innovation or design),
  • the development and coordination of policies to accelerate the uptake of advanced manufacturing technologies and other cross-cutting innovations with a view to modernizing the EU’s industrial base.

Innovation policies are about value creation and require fresh thinking. We follow closely the latest trends in businesses and remain attentive to challenges faced by innovators. Spreading the policy lessons within the Commission and to Member States and regions is a core dimension of our work. We also coordinate the implementation of the Innovation Union actions under the responsibility of Directorate General for Enterprise & Industry.

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