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Industrial innovation

Business Innovation Observatory

What is this project about?

The Business Innovation Observatory delivers regular analysis and intelligence on the latest business and industrial innovation trends.

What are the trends explored over the past semesters

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What is the approach?

The analysis focuses on the business micro-perspective through the development of case studies on novel business and industrial innovation trends, practices and models.

What are the objectives?

The project has the following three objectives: to identify the dynamics and good business practices of innovative industries; to understand the barriers to innovation and to propose policy tools for supporting novel business innovation trends; and to nurture win-win relationships between entrepreneurs, policy makers and researchers.

What is the final target?

The Business Innovation Observatory is designed to develop policy relevant and transferable results.

How will the project succeed?

The project adopts a creative approach for engaging stakeholders and disseminating results. It aims to create enhanced mutual learning experiences about business innovation. It is tailored to being innovative and responsive to the opinions and needs expressed by a variety of stakeholders.


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