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Intellectual property rights

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Intellectual property rights (IPR) are important contributors to European competitiveness. These rights, including patents, trademarks, design rights and copyrights, can serve as incentives for research and development, for innovation, and can help users identify trusted producers. We develop policies to help make European businesses aware of these rights and to assess the impact and effectiveness of the use of these rights. We co-ordinate with national administrations and trading partners on these subjects.

To this end, DG Enterprise and Industry has launched projects that include support to national intellectual property offices improving their business support services about IPR (IPeuropAware), and a pilot project to help small and medium-sized businesses facing IPR problems in, or arising from, China (China IPR SME Helpdesk).

DG Enterprise and Industry also convened a group of experts from across the Member States that came up with recommendations on how to improve support for SMEs enforcing their IPR.

DG Enterprise and Industry makes available an on-line catalogue of IPR tools for SMEs.

DG Enterprise and Industry has commissioned an evaluation of the European IPR Helpdesk. This process has been achieved in 2013.
The evaluation results serve to improve the on-going and future European IPR Helpdesks, as well as other IPR helpdesks, to the extent recommendations are of more universal nature.

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