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Industrial competitiveness

High Level Group on business services

Inaugural meeting of the High Level Group on business services

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High Level Group on business services

The High Level Group on business services (HLG) has been inaugurated by European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani and Commissioner Michel Barnier on 14 March 2013.

The decision to set-up the group based on the two flagship Communications:

  • An Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era, COM(2010)614: "The Commission will set up a High Level Group on Business Services to examine market gaps, standards and innovation and international trade issues in industries such as logistics, facility management, marketing and advertising;"
  • A Single Market Act I, COM(2010)608: "Given the importance of business services, the Commission will set up a HLG to study the shortcomings of this particular market."

Press memo 

The need to foster the development of business services for growth and competitiveness

Over the last decades, the performance of business services has been sub-optimal and the sector has been identified as one having a high untapped potential. The HLG on business services will provide a new impetus to policy development in this important sector. The purpose of the HLG is to help policy makers better understand the current challenges in the sector and to identify ways to improve the level of productivity and innovation of business-services.

The group delivered concrete recommendations which can guide the further development of policies for business services. The HLG specifically looked at the link between business services and manufacturing. Please see the terms of references of the group for further information: Terms of referencesStakeholders from business service providers, industry, standardization, and unions are represented in this HLG. The list of member organizations and their representatives are: List of Members of the High Level Group on business services.

The HLG finished its work in April 2014.

High Level Group on business services Final Report

High Level Group on business services Final Report  pdf - 122 KB [3 MB]    

Press release

Press memo

Study on business services

In preparation for the HLG on business services, the Commission contracted ECORYS to undertake a study on business related services

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