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Industrial competitiveness

Industrial competitiveness takes centre stage - conference summary

2nd High level conference on Industrial Competitiveness
"The role of policy and markets in difficult times:
 What have we learnt, where do we go?"

26 April 2010, Brussels


The second High-Level Conference on “Industrial Competitiveness: the role of policy and markets in difficult times” launched a debate on Europe's competitiveness and the policies needed for sustained growth and employment in Europe.

The economic crisis has refocused attention on the central role of European industry and its critical importance for wealth creation in Europe. The need for Europe to demonstrate its strengths in capital intensive, high skilled manufacturing industry has never been more important for growth and employment performance. At the conference, different policy options on how to help industry out of the crisis and what lessons should be learnt from the crisis and the policy response to it were controversially discussed.

There was broad consensus that much more effective co-ordination at the European level was needed, and that still more could be done to exploit the full potential of a market of 500 million citizens, but views differ on how this should be achieved. Whilst vitally important, "green growth" may not provide the full solution. European industry as a whole must remain competitive while at the same time strengthening the social dimension of the European model of economic development.



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