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Industrial competitiveness

Industrial Policy and Economic Reform Papers

Industrial Policy and Economic Reforms Papers are written by the staff of the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry or by experts working in association with them. This publication series aims to raise the awareness and stimulate the debate on issues in the areas of industrial policy and economic reforms.

  1. The cost competitiveness of European industry in the globalisation era - Empirical evidence on the basis of relative unit labour costs (ULC) at sectoral level pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] pdf [], by Richard Lewney, Graham Hay (Cambridge Econometrics), Jörg Claussen, Günther Vieweg (Ifo Institute Institute) and Evripidis Kyriakou (University of Cyprus), 2012.
  2. Industry linkages and transmission shocks in Germany pdf [135 KB], Mats Marcusson (DG Enterprise and Industry), 2010.
  3. EU and BRICs: Challenges and opportunities for European competitiveness and cooperation pdf [3 MB], Peter Havlik and Waltraut Urban (the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies), 2009.
  4. Gender Pay Differences in the European Union: Do Higher Wages Make Up For Discrimination pdf [364 KB], Erik Canton (DG Enterprise and Industry and CPB, The Netherlands) and Ingrid Verheul (Rotterdam School of Management), 2009.
  5. Human capital externalities and proximity: Evidence from repeated cross-sectional data pdf [621 KB], Erik Canton (DG Enterprise and Industry and CPB, The Netherlands), 2009.
  6. Trade costs, Openness and Productivity: Market access at home and abroad pdf [233 KB], Arjan Lejour and Hugo Rojas-Romagosa (CPB, The Netherlands) and Victor Rodriguez, Carlos Montalvo and Frans van der Zee (TNO), 2009.
  7. Social returns to education: Macro-evidence pdf [131 KB], Erik Canton (DG Enterprise and Industry and CPB, The Netherlands), 2008.
  8. International spillovers of domestic reforms: The joint application of the Lisbon Strategy in the EU pdf [240 KB], Arjan Lejour and Hugo Rojas-Romagosa (CPB, The Netherlands), 2008.
  9. Notes on the Lisbon process: An analysis of the impacts of reaching the Lisbon targets for skills, R&D and the administrative burden in the European Union pdf [135 KB], Ray Barrell and Simon Kirby (NIESR), 2008.
  10. Is the growth of euro area small and medium-sized enterprises constrained by financing barriers? pdf [165 KB], Annalisa Ferrando and Petra Köhler-Ulbrich (European Central Bank) and Rozália Pál (European University Viadrina), 2008.
  11. Quantitative assessment of structural reforms: Modelling the Lisbon strategy pdf [393 KB], Alfonso Arpaia, Werner Roeger, Janos Varga, Jan in 't Veld, Alexandr Hobza (DG Economic and Financial Affairs), Isabel Grilo and Peter Wobst (DG Enterprise and Industry), 2008.
  12. Competitiveness Effects of Trading Emissions and Fostering Technologies to Meet the EU Kyoto Targets: A Quantitative Economic Assessment pdf [477 KB], Edited by Peter Wobst (DG Enterprise and Industry), 2007.
  13. Comparison of US and European Commission guidelines on Regulatory Impact Assessment/Analysis pdf [159 KB], Cavan O'Connor Close (DG Enterprise and Industry) and Dominic J. Mancini (Office of Management and Budget), 2007.
  14. A Policy for Industrial Champions: From picking winners to fostering excellence and the growth of firms pdf [603 KB], Emmanuelle Maincent and Lluis Navarro (DG Enterprise and Industry), 2006.
  15. The new Lisbon Strategy - An estimation of the economic impact of reaching five Lisbon Targets pdf [545 KB], George M.M. Gelauff and Arjan M. Lejour (CPB, Netherlands), 2006.

Industrial policy and economic reform papers ISSN 1831-0672.

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