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Industrial competitiveness

Enterprise and Industry brown-bag seminar

The Enterprise and Industry brown-bag seminar is an internal seminar conceived to keep our staff in contact with the frontier of research in economics, notably in the areas of industrial policy and economic reforms. Academic or professional researchers are regularly invited to give a talk and present their work in an academic-style internal seminar.

These seminars are open to all Commission staff. In the context of the Commission, the Enterprise and Industry brown-bag seminar is a relatively informal forum in which scholars communicate policy-relevant dimensions of their research to policy makers.

Official description

Enterprise and Industry brown-bag seminar pdf - 25 KB [25 KB]

Previous seminars

Tomas Brannstrom, Smaranda Pantea, Paulo Casini
27th November 2014 
Helping firms grow, European Competitiveness Report 2014, Chapters 1 (From recession to reindustrialisation),5 (Firm growth, innovation and the business cycle) and 6 (Energy Costs and EU industrial competitiveness)

Augusto Lopez Claros (Director of the Global Indicators Group World  Bank Group)
6th November 2014 
Doing Business 2015, Going Beyond Efficiency

Mark Thissen (Sector V&M Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving)
5th November 2014 
Regional Competitiveness and Smart Specialization in the European Commission  

Damiaan Persyn
22nd October 2014 
An overview of the Rhomolo model and its potential for regional policy impact analysis 

Fernando Hervás, Iulia Siedschlag, Antonio Vezzani, Mafini Dosso (JRC - IPTS J.2: Knowledge for Growth Unit)
18th June 2014
Industrial Corporate R&D and Innovation, Evidence and Policy Implications from the IRIMA project 

Reinhilde Veugelers (Professor at KULeuven, Senior Fellow at Bruegel)
4th June 2014
Manufacturing or Servicing Europe's Future?

Sara Amoroso (JRC KfG Unit)
5th May 2014 
The hidden costs of R&D collaboration 

Roeland Van der Stappen (ERT – European Round Table of Industrialists)
26th February 2014 
ERT EU Competitiveness Benchmark

Jon Copestake (The Economist Intelligence Unit : Retail & Consumer Goods Editor)
19th February 2014 
Industries in 2014: Summary of the EIU report

Dr Adrian Devitt (Forfás - Ireland’s policy advisory board for enterprise, trade, science, technology and innovation)
30th October 2013
Ireland’s Competitiveness Performance – Messages for Ireland and the EU
Presentation pdf - 961 KB [961 KB]

Dr. Thijs VAN RENS (University of Warwick, Centre for Macroeconomics, IZA and CEPR)
13 September 2013
Labor Market Mismatch - New ways to think about unemployment (and productivity)
Presentation pdf - 585 KB [585 KB]

Dr. Jan MISCHKE (McKinsey Global Institute)
6 September 2013
Manufacturing the future: The next era of global growth and innovation
Presentation pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]

Paola CONCONI (ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles and CEPR)
25 March 2013
The Internationalization Process of Firms: from Exports to FDI
Slides pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]

Teodora BOROTA (Uppsala University)
21 March 2013
Innovation policy in the Global Economy: a European Perspective
Slides pdf - 833 KB [833 KB]

Loris RUBINI (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
5 March 2013
Breaking down the barriers to firm growth in Europe
Slides pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] | Report

Andreas REINSTALLER (Austrian Institute of Economic Research -WIFO)
21 January 2013
The development of productive structures of EU Member States: Assessing international competitiveness through the product space approach
Slides | Report

Unit ENTR.A.5
7 November 2012
European Competitiveness Report 2012 - Reaping the benefits of globalization
Slides pdf - 801 KB [801 KB] | Report

16 May 2012
To what extent are knowledge-intensive business services contributing to manufacturing? A subsystem analysis.

Martin JUNGE (Danish Business Research Academy)
19 April 2012
Productivity and Higher Education
Slides pdf - 501 KB [501 KB]

Margot SCHÜLLER (Institute of Asian Studies, GIGA)
28 March 2012
China's OFDI Footprint in Europe: Investment Patterns, Drivers and Implications
Slides pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

Beata JAVORCIK (University of Oxford)
7 March 2012
FDI, Technology Transfer and Economic Growth in Host Countries
Slides pdf - 764 KB [764 KB]

Daniel MIRZA (GERCIE-Tours University, CEPII and Banque de France)
9 January 2012
The Discriminatory Effect of Domestic Regulations on International Services Trade: Evidence from Firm-Level Data
Paper pdf - 928 KB [928 KB] | Slides pdf - 514 KB [514 KB]

Francisco VELOSO (Carnegie Mellon University)
14 November 2011
Clusters, Spinoffs and Inventor Mobility. Lessons from the Semiconductor Industry
Paper pdf - 506 KB [506 KB] | Slides pdf - 510 KB [510 KB]

Units ENTR.B.3 and ENTR.B.4
11 November 2011
European Competitiveness Report 2011 - Member States Competitiveness Performance and Policies 2011
Slides 1 pdf - 6 MB [6 MB] | Slides 2 pdf - 694 KB [694 KB]

27 October 2011
Regional competitiveness and exogenous socio-economic indicators
Paper pdf - 762 KB [762 KB] | Slides pdf - 9 MB [9 MB]

Mary O'MAHONY (University of Birmingham)
10 October 2011
The Importance of Services for productivity and growth
Slides pdf - 933 KB [933 KB]

Björn FALKENHALL and Lars BAGER-SJÖGREN (Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis)
21 September 2011
The economic effects of the regulatory burden
Report pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] | Slides pdf - 393 KB [393 KB]



The Enterprise and Industry brown-bag seminar is conceived to have scholars to communicate policy-relevant dimensions of their research to our staff. The content of the presentation is without prejudice to and independent of European Commmission or DG Enterprise and Industry policies.

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