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Industrial competitiveness

European Competitiveness Report

The European Competitiveness Report, published annually since 1997, gives a quantitative assessment of the competitive performance of EU industries. It contributes to evidence-based policy-making by looking at knowledge gaps in industrial policy. Therefore it supports microeconomic decision-making at EU and national levels.

The Report uses empirical research to examine EU competitiveness, working across the whole economy as well as in selected sectors. It also assesses the impact of structural reforms on EU competitiveness, and the need for further reforms.

European Competitiveness Report 2013

Toward knowledge driven re-industrialisation

The 2013 European Competitiveness Report makes the case for a reindustrialisation of the EU economy, building on existing strengths in terms of its knowledge base, sophistication and specialisation. After an overview of the performance of EU manufacturing, the report examines the determinants of structural change, the existing productivity and efficiency gaps between the EU and US economies, the role of industrial policy, and strengths and weaknesses in the production and trade in EU products based on key enabling technologies.

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Background reports

Each chapter of the report is compiled using a background study of about 100 pages which is then reduced to about 30-50 pages per chapter.

  • Chapter 3 : Reducing productivity and efficiency gaps: the role of knowledge assets, absorptive capacity and institutions
  • Chapter 4 : A ‘manufacturing imperative’ in the EU – Europe's position in global manufacturing and the role of industrial policy  
  • Chapter 5 : Production and trade in KETs-based products: The EU position in global value chains and specialization patterns within the EU

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