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Access to finance

Quick guide to indirect funding

EU sources of finance

The European Union supports entrepreneurs and businesses with a wide range of EU programmes providing loans, guarantees and equity financing through financial institutions. You can apply for finance supported by multi-annual programmes co-financed by the EU directly at financial institutions in your country:

2014 - National sources of finance

The European Commission's financial support for SMEs is complementing finance provided by the Member States. To access national sources of finance and review fiscal incentives, please consult the fact sheets by clicking on your country.

This study is not an exhaustive presentation of all existing Member State policies and programmes to facilitate access to finance for SMEs. An average of 5 to 7 programmes have been selected for each country. Key instrumental characteristics should be analysed with caution in light of the variety and changes over time. Please consult information sources at national level for an uptodate overview of national measures to facilitate access to finance.

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2012 – Evaluation of Member State Policies to Facilitate Access to Finance for SMEs

The Commission published an evaluation of public financing programmes in 5 Member States pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] (Germany, France, the UK, Poland and Sweden) to exchange good practice and assess which programmes work best and could be used in other countries. The evaluation complements the country facts sheets above providing a practical guide to national and regional sources of finance.

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