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Access to finance

Data on access to finance

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The Commission has created tools for analysis and monitoring, but is also committed to collecting data on the prevailing conditions in the loan and equity finance markets in order to make European financial markets more responsive to the needs of small businesses.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 99% of firms in the EU. They provide some 67% of all jobs in the EU.

Given their importance to the EU economy, it is vital to understand the real situation that SMEs are facing when trying to access finance.

The lack of internationally agreed indicators and the scarcity of comparable data make it difficult to accurately assess the situation for small businesses. Therefore, the Commission has created tools for analysis and monitoring.

Commission - ECB surveys on SME finance

The European Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB) decided in 2008 to collaborate on a survey on the access to finance of SMEs in the European Union and established The Survey on the Access to Finance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SAFE).

SAFE Commission waves published every 2 years: the survey covers all EU countries and other countries participating in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme of the CIP.

SMEs' access to finance 2013:

SMEs' access to finance 2011:

SMEs' access to finance 2009:

SAFE ECB waves– published every 6 months: the survey covers countries in the Euro area.

Earlier surveys:

Access to finance 2005/2006: The European Commission has published in 2005-2006 two Flash Eurobarometer surveys on SMEs' access to finance in the EU countries, a first one for the EU-15 and a second one for EU-10 countries; the same questionnaire was used for both surveys. A common summary  [20 KB] is available.

Eurostat SMEs’ access to finance survey (2010/2007)

This survey coordinated by Eurostat covered 25 000 businesses across 20 EU countries, also including information on fast-growing enterprises, the future financing needs of SMEs and perceived factors limiting business growth in the future. It analyses the consequences of the crisis by comparing data for 2007 and 2010 and sketches the outlook for the coming period, 2011 to 2013.

Enterprise Finance Index

The Enterprise Finance Index contains a wide range of data on access to finance across the EU to help policymakers evaluate the effects of policies on small and medium-sized business finance across Europe. Data is available on total volumes, interest rates, the number of operations and beneficiaries. The index includes figures on the use of loans, guarantees, venture capital and business angel finance in the EU and on the use of EU financial instruments.

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