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According to the information from the Small Business Act (SBA) Fact Sheets, during the last two decades in Sweden, the SMEs have played an increasingly important economic role. They now account for 65% of private sector jobs and 57% of value added. Of even greater importance is the fact that 9 out of 10 new jobs during the last 20 years were created within the SME sector. However, SMEs suffered more from the economic crisis because they had tighter margins with regards to liquidity, and were are also more dependent and thereby directly affected by changes in the pattern of everyday consumption. Thus, from 2008 to 2012, the large companies (LEs) slightly outperformed SMEs with respect to both value added and workforce. More specifically, while employment and value added in SME decreased by about 1%, LEs increased value added by more than 3% and employment in LEs grew almost 1%. Sweden’s SBA profile shows a country with an above-average performance and stable development over recent years. Sweden has very good results in most SBA areas, with seven of the ten principles being above the EU average. It does particularly well in Access to finance, Internationalisation and State aid and public procurement, where it ranks among the top EU performers.

Key indicators on access to finance
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Sweden ranked 7th out of 27 countries in the 2012 SMAF Index.

For details on SMAF index and methodology please click here.

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Source: Chart compiled using ECB data

Note: Loan volumes and interest rate data for 2013 are to the period September 2013 only (due to data availability as at November 2013).

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Venture capital
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Source: Chart compiled using EVCA data

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Business angels finance
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Source: Chart compiled using EBAN data (*comparable data for 2011 were not accessible)

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