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European standards

Policy Implementation Action (Rolling) Plan for European Standardisation

The "Commission's multiannual Rolling (ex-Action) Plan for European Standardisation" defines the most important  standardisation initiatives and actions of the European Commission.  It includes the input from the units of the European Commission which are involved in standardisation related activities for the sector they deal with. Issues related to ICT standardisation are subject to a separate ICT Standardisation Rolling Plan (The 2010-2013 ICT standardisation work programme).

This document is for information purposes. It does not represent an official position of the European Commission on this issue, nor does it anticipate such a position.  Since this is a rolling plan, the European Commission reserves the right to change the information shown at any time, and expects to publish regular updates.

The Plan provides a short description of the actions and objectives accompanied by references to the legal and policy background, the timeframe and the contact details of the responsible Commission service for each action.

Rolling plans are Commission planning tools to keep track of on-going work and possible future actions. From a policy perspective, the Commission's strategic priorities for European standardisation are set out in the annual Union work programme for European standardisation published pursuant to Article 8 of Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012.

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