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Industrial structure report highlights need for industrial renaissance


According to a European Commission report published today on the current status of EU industry, most sectors have still not regained their pre-crisis level of output and significant differences exist between sectors and Member States.

The "EU industrial structure report 2013: Competing in Global Value Chains" sheds more light on the downward trend in manufacturing. Also highlighted are the mutually beneficial links between manufacturing and services as well as the importance of global value chains.

The report ultimately underlines the growing need to mainstream industrial  competitiveness into other policy fields. These issues, recently highlighted by the Commission's Communication on a European Industrial Renaissance, will be directly addressed at the forthcoming Competitiveness Council meeting on 20-21 February.


This report clearly shows that the 2008 crisis led to a significant acceleration of European industrial decline, and that industry needs targeted support to help it return to growth. Europe is still far from the 20% target of industry’s share in Europe’s GDP by 2020.
To meet this goal we need to focus on reindustrialisation. I therefore call on Member States to support the new industrial compact at this week's Competitiveness Council

Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani    
Commission calls for immediate action for a European Industrial Renaissance

The European Commission is urging Member States to recognise the central importance of industry for creating jobs and growth and to mainstream industry-related competitiveness concerns across all policy areas. This is the key message of the communication For a European Industrial Renaissance, adopted  on 22 January 2014. The Commission calls on the Council and the Parliament to adopt proposals on energy, transport, space and digital communications networks as well as implement and enforce legislation to complete the internal market. Furthermore industrial modernisation must be pursued by investing in innovation, resource efficiency, new technologies, skills and access to finance, accelerated by the use of dedicated EU funds.

Administrative burden will be slashed in eight industry sectors

The European Commission welcomed the vote of the European Parliament on the Commission proposal to make the internal market leaner for eight industry sectors.

Lifts, electrical and electronic equipment, simple pressure vessels, non-automatic weighing instruments, measuring instruments, explosives for civil uses, equipment used in explosive atmospheres and products which cause electromagnetic disturbances are included.

The objective of this legislation is to make product safety more effective across the EU and to ensure greater consistency and easy of complying with the rules throughout all sectors. Different labeling or traceability requirements as well as divergences regarding the declaration of conformity and in the legal definitions that apply, will no longer exist.

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