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Without a strong industrial base, Europe's economy cannot prosper


While industrial performance has stabilised, industry’s share in Europe’s GDP has declined from 15.5% of GDP one year ago to 15.1% in summer 2013.

The two industrial Competitiveness reports published today highlight that Member States have made progress in improving the business environment, exports and sustainability. However, many problems still remain.

The convergence between industrially most competitive countries and the moderate performers is at a standstill. For exampl,big roadblocks are access to finance and a drop in investment in almost all Member States. For European industry to start flourishing again, the performance of public administration needs to be significantly improved as well as the link between schools and companies.

Manufacturing has strong spill-over effects on the rest of the economy and especially on overall productivity. 80% of private innovation, ¾ of export and a substantial role in jobs creation come from industry. Action is needed to keep industry in Europe.


We remain a long way from the 20% target for 2020 as put forward by the Commission in 2012. The Commission has taken several initiatives to address high energy prices, difficult access to credit, drop in investments, lacking skills, and red tape. And we will come forward later this autumn with an industrial initiative to go further and boost action in this field. This should be a catalyst in view of the February 2014 European Council in order to significantly strengthen the growth- and competitiveness for industry. The Commission will submit its contribution to the European Council in the next few weeks.

Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani    
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Contracts and Grants

Encourage better market surveillance across borders within the EU

Information Centre for the EU GNSS programmes in Latin America
Deadline: 19/09/2013

Promotion and marketing of accessible tourism itineraries
Deadline: 22/10/2013

Mapping and performance check of tourism education and training
Deadline: 24/10/2013

Service contract - Galileo commercial service demonstrator

Large-scale demonstrators of Copernicus and the European GNSS-based services
Deadline: 04/11/2013

Supporting emerging industries: Clusters and Entrepreneurship
Deadline: 17/10/2013

Publications and studies

Enterprise and Industry Magazine

ETIS: European Tourism System of Indicators for Sustainable Management

Public consultations

Green Action Plan for small enterprises – Enhancing their international competitiveness
Deadline: 12/12/2013

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Deadline: 11/10/2013

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