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Towards a more competitive and efficient European defence and security sector


The successive waves of cuts in defence budgets and the persisting fragmentation of defence markets in Europe threaten Europe’s capacity to sustain effective defence capabilities and a competitive defence industry. This also jeopardises Europe’s capacity to meet the new security challenges in an autonomous and effective way.

This is why the European Commission has presented yesterday a Communication which contains an Action Plan to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of Europe’s defence and security sector. The Communication foresees measures to strengthen the internal market for defence, to promote a more competitive defence industry and to foster synergies between civil and military research. Besides these, the Communication also explores options in other areas such as energy, space and dual-use capabilities.


"There are some severe challenges facing Europe's defence industry and industrial base which is being undermined by the lack of new programmes. If Europe is to retain the industrial capability to meet our future military capability needs, and so underpin a credible Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), concerted European action needs to be taken. It is also clear that tackling industrial and market issues will only have a limited impact if there is no substantive European agreement. It is vital that European defence industry remains a world-leading centre for manufacturing and innovation, creating highly qualified jobs and growth. This is the ambition of the plan which we presented today"

Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani    
Green light for European GPS: Successful Galileo position fix

Green light for European satellite navigation: Today in a public demonstration in Fucino, Italy, European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani announced a successful position fix on the basis of the EU’s current four Galileo satellites.

This position fix of longitude, latitude and altitude is concrete proof of the ability of Galileo - the European Commission’s programme to develop a global satellite navigation system under European civilian control - to provide highly accurate positioning data of cars or other objects. Tajani also announced that further satellite launches will bring first services by the end of 2014. They will result in an improved GPS signal and - with more precision, coverage and availability of satellite navigation signals - a whole new array of business opportunities will arise. As the benefits of Galileo are becoming tangible, providers of services and products using data from Galileo need to start preparing for these future market opportunities right now.

EU and China together explore the benefits of green growth

Business opportunities from resource efficient production was the focus of a visit to China by Vice-President Antonio Tajani on 18 and 19 of July.

Green growth is high on the political agenda for the EU and China – both are interested in achieving sustainable growth while maintaining and improving the state of their respective environments. The global market for green goods and services is currently estimated at around €1 000 billion per annum, and this is expected to double by 2020.

By finding common ground and shared incentives, the European Commission and China are working together to improve industrial energy efficiency and decrease greenhouse gases, while gaining market share for environmentally friendly products and services.

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The European Space Solutions conference is coming to Munich!
05/11- 07/11/2013 - Alte Kongresshalle München

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30/08/2013 - 06/09/2013 - Rome

Contracts and Grants

Information Centre for the European GNSS programmes in Israel

Information Centre for the European GNSS programmes in Latin America

Projects to support tourism based on European cultural and industrial heritage

Facilitating transnational low season tourism by encouraging Senior Citizens to travel
Deadline: 26/09/2013

Renewal of the service contract relating to European IPR Helpdesk

E-skills — awareness-raising campaign

E-leadership skills for small and medium size enterprises
Deadline: 20/09/2013

E-skills: promotion of ICT professionalism in Europe
Deadline: 20/09/2013

Fostering digital entrepreneurship in Europe
Deadline: 06/09/2013

Vision and sectoral pilot on skills for Key Enabling Technologies
Deadline: 20/09/2013

Study: EU needs with regard to cooperation with Greenland

Study: Impact of possible legislation to increase transparency on nanomaterials
Deadline: 19/08/2013

Study: Evaluation of the use of phosphates in consumer automatic dishwasher detergents (CADD)
Deadline: 30/08/2013

Study: EU mineral raw materials sector: non-energy extractive industries and recycling industries

Publications and studies

Priority Medicines for Europe and the World

Human rights guidance for recruitment agencies, ICT companies, and oil and gas companies

Public consultations

Reducing the environmental impact of buildings
Deadline: 01/10/2013

How to improve access to environmental justice
Deadline: 23/09/2013

What future for our food system? Let us know what you think
Deadline: 01/10/2013

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