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CARS 2020: for a strong, competitive and sustainable European car industry


With 12 million sector-related jobs the automotive industry is vital for Europe's prosperity and job creation. The EU needs to maintain a world-class car industry, producing the most energy efficient and safe vehicles globally and providing high-skilled jobs to millions.

The Commission proposes a massive innovative push by streamlining research and innovation under the European Green Vehicle Initiative. Co-operation with the European Investment Bank will be reinforced to finance an innovation boost and facilitate SME access to credit. An EU standard recharging interface will provide the regulatory certainty needed to facilitate a breakthrough for large scale electric car production.

Innovation in the automotive industry will also be stimulated through a comprehensive package of measures to reduce CO2, pollutant and noise emissions, to drive improvements in road safety and develop technologically-advanced intelligent transport systems (ITS).


"Europe produces the best cars in the world. The Commission wants this leadership to be maintained, moving even further ahead in safety and environmental performance. The Commission is therefore today presenting a strategy for the EU automotive industry and will also take urgent action to address this sector's current difficulties and restructuring in a co-ordinated way. This automotive plan is the first fruit of the Commission's strategy for a new industrial revolution, presented on 10th of October. The automotive industry has all the assets to overcome current problems, remain competitive, become more sustainable and retain its manufacturing base in Europe. What is more, because of the multiplier effect it has in the economy, the car industry should provide a strong impetus to maintain a strong industrial base in Europe. Today's Action Plan will give the car industry all possible political support."

Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani    
Common visa policy to spur growth in the EU

In a strategic Communication, the Commission examines how the implementation and development of the common visa policy could help growth in the EU by facilitating travel opportunities for third country nationals willing to visit the EU.

With a total of 18.8 million jobs in 2011, tourism has become one of the biggest generators of employment in the European Union and a key driver for economic growth and development. In 2011 foreign visitor spending amounted to €330.44 billion. According to recent estimations these figures are likely to increase up to 20.4 million jobs and €427.31 billion in 2022.

If fully exploited, the current visa rules could ensure that the EU remains an attractive destination for more tourists/third country nationals, while at the same time boosting EU's economic activity and job creation.

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Contracts and Grants

Award for making tourism accessible to disabled people
Deadline: 13/11/2012

Analysis on SMEs' access to finance
Deadline: 31/01/2013

ICT - EU Brazil coordinated call for research co-operation
12 December 2012

Call for proposals 'FET-Open Xtrack' - ICT Breakthroughs

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