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SMEs: Better access to finance and boosting entrepreneurship


European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani, responsible for enterprise and industry policies, said today: "If we want to stimulate growth in Europe, it is from our SMEs that we must start. Entrepreneurial potential in Europe is not fully exploited: 45% of all Europeans would like to become their own boss if they could, but only an average of 10% are actually self-employed today. If we could raise this percentage, we could have millions of new innovative and creative enterprises which would rejuvenate Europe’s economic basis, make it more robust, more job-generating and more resilient to stormy economic".

Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani    
Helping car industry reach new heights

On the occasion of the presentation of the CARS 21 report, the European Commission announced today concrete actions to be taken in reaction to the current economic situation: 1) providing EU financing for research, 2) smart regulation and 3) improving international market access. Planned actions concern: 1) providing EU financing for research, in particular to help the sector adapt to the technologies of tomorrow, and reinforcing EIB lending to industry 2) managing the sector's costs by applying the principles of smart regulation and 3) supporting the internationalisation of EU industry by improving market access through trade negotiations and work on regulatory and procedural convergence with the ultimate aim of achieving a worldwide car type approval.

Construction sector should seize excellent opportunities of low energy buildings

Low energy buildings with high CO2 saving potential still have a limited market uptake. This is one of the reasons why the Commission plans to focus strongly on the construction sector. On the occasion of the annual congress of the European Construction Industry Federation FIEC in Istanbul, Vice-President Tajani presented  the main lines of a strategy to boost the competitiveness of the construction sector which will be presented after the summer: 1) stimulating favourable investment conditions, in particular in the renovation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures; 2) boosting innovation and improving worker's qualifications ; 3) improving resource efficiency and environmental performance; 4) providing standard design codes of practice to construction companies making it easier for them to work in other Member States; 5) fostering the global position of European construction enterprises.

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21/06/2012 - Brussels

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Contracts and Grants

European Multistakeholder platforms on corporate social responsibility in relevant business sectors
Deadline: 14/09/2012

Promoting the further use of data from Earth monitoring and satellite navigation
Deadline: 27/06/2012

Sustainable Industry Low Carbon scheme (SILC) - Short-term measures to reduce CO2 emissions
Deadline: 25/06/2012

Euromed - Support to cluster cooperation, start-ups, etc. with Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia
Deadline: 27/07/2012

Study on corporate income taxation for SMEs compared to large enterprises
Deadline: 27/07/2012

Pilot project for the development of sector skills alliances

Providing IPR SME Helpdesk in Asia and Latin America
Deadline: 07/08/2012

Contract awarded: Study on pilot plants and innovative technologies in the fields of raw materials

Publications and studies

Economic recovery in industry - May 2012

CARS 21 High Level Group Final Report 2012

Public consultations

Invitation to contribute to human rights guidance in 3 business sectors

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