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Mission Growth: Europe at the Lead of the New Industrial Revolution


Europe's economy cannot survive in a sustainable way without a strong and profoundly reshaped industrial base. New technologies have dramatically changed our life and our economy in the past 20 years. Political systems collapsed, new players emerged on the markets, as well as new materials, new technologies and workers who are better skilled than ever.

The wind of change is blowing at a time when Europe is facing a severe economic and social crisis. But this situation and the changes are also an opportunity. Politics should play its part in seizing it, aiming straight at a new industrial revolution. We cannot let our industry simply leave Europe. It is a significant contributor to the real economy producing real values.

Now, all efforts need to be undertaken to secure a modern, resource efficient, competitive and robust industry in Europe.


"Winston Churchill said: The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. I am an optimist. Today's economic crisis and other societal issues are formidable challenges. They should also be seen as the opportunity for a positive change, as the chance to attract new demand for goods and services and to create more jobs".

Vice-President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani    
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GMES Workshop on security applications
19/06/2012 - Brussels

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23/10/2012 - Copenhagen

European business forum on vocational training
07/06/2012 - Brussels

Software defined radio and cognitive radio standardization
17/11/2012 - 18/11/2012 - Ispra, Italy

Contracts and Grants

Indicators and data on access to finance
Deadline: 30/01/2013

Study on “Accounting guide for SMEs”
Deadline: 28/06/2012

Economic impact and travel patterns of accessible tourism
Deadline: 28/06/2012

Support to transnational thematic tourism products
Deadline: 25/07/2012

Social tourism: Facilitating transnational low season exchanges in Europe
Deadline: 11/07/2012

Involve more enterprises in corporate social responsibility
Deadline: 14/09/2012

European corporate social responsibility award scheme
Deadline: 27/07/2012

Possible national legal obstacles to full recognition of electronic performance information on construction products
Deadline: 20/07/2012

Strengthening the sustainable competitiveness of the marine equipment industry
Deadline: 30/06/2012

Statistics on the quality and quantity of EU raw materials deposits

Pilot project for the development of sector skills alliances
Deadline: 16/08/2012

Publications and studies

Latest trends in European Tourism

EU measures for SMEs reaping results

Public consultations

Enabling consumers to spur industrial innovation

Challenges and opportunities for maritime and coastal tourism in Europe
Deadline: 09/07/2012

Results of consultation on the return of cultural objects unlawfully removed from EU member countries

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