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    02 September 2011  
European children will name Galileo satellites constellation


The child with the best drawing related to space or aeronautics in each Member State will have his or her name given to a satellite of the Galileo programme.

The first two satellites to be launched on 20 October will bear the names of the winning children from Belgium (Thijs) and Bulgaria (Natalia) where the competition already took place earlier this year. The European Commission has rolled out the competition in the other 25 Member States to give names to the satellites which will be launched until 2019. Children aged 9–11 can participate.

From 1 September to 15 November, children living in the EU and born in 2000, 2001 and 2002 - when the Galileo programme started - are invited to make a drawing related to space and aeronautics, scan it or take a digital photograph of it and upload it onto the competition's website. In each country, a national jury will select the best drawing and the winning child will have his or her name given to one of the satellites of the Galileo constellation. Satellites launches will take place regularly as of 2012 until the full constellation (which should count 30 satellites) is complete. The order in which the names of the children will be given to the satellites is determined by the alphabetical order of the member states written in the national language(s).

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - Call for proposals

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs logoErasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an exchange programme which gives entrepreneurs who intend to start a business or have recently started one the chance to learn from experienced owners of small businesses in other European Union countries. A new call for proposals is addressed to intermediary organisations that manage the programme locally. Such organisations include Chambers of commerce, start-up centers, incubators or other organisations providing support to businesses. They will help new EU entrepreneurs enrich their experiences, learning and networking by spending periods in enterprises run by experienced entrepreneurs in other EU Member States. The overall objective is to enhance entrepreneurship, internationalisation and competitiveness of potential start-up entrepreneurs.

Interested in participating in Erasmus for Entrepreneurs?

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Contracts and Grants

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Deadline: 05/10/2011

SME Internationalisation through Clusters
Deadline: 14/10/2011

Trans-national cooperation on European Cultural Routes
Deadline: 07/10/2011

Tourism and food supply-chain: ICT-enabled innovation
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Innovative solutions: Networking and financing of procurement
Deadline: 27/09/2011

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Deadline: 30/09/2011

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Deadline: 28/10/2011

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Deadline: 15/09/2011

Supporting social business with private investment
Deadline: 14/09/2011

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