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GALILEO LAUNCH: All on the right track ! (chronology in pictures) Publié le: 19/08/2014, Dernière mise à jour: 22/06/2015

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It has been packed days for the Galileo Team preparing for the launch of satellites 5 and 6 from Kourou, on Friday August 22nd.

Time is Flying in French Guyana, and many things happened in parallel the last hours.

Not only are the satellites now fully "encapsulated", but also the launcher has been rolled out and placed on the launch pad.

Please see below some of the most important moments of the preparation. (All pictures © Arianespace)


  • Satellite side
  Installation of the "payload" (the satellite) on the dispenser
  Installation of the two satellites and their support on the palette
  Preparation of the total group for installation of the two half-fairings
  Installation of the first half-fairing
  Closing of the fairing with the second part and sealing
  Placement of the Galileo logos on the fairing.
   Here it is, in all its glory !
  • Rocket side
  Launcher leaves the assembly hall

 Global view of the Soyuz launcher on its "trailer", heading to the launch pad
   The launcher is getting erected
   Launcher stands right
   Almost ready to fly away ...
Just missing a little detail !
  • Integration side

  •   Once upon a time, there were two little satellites wishing to discover the world ...
       The sky is so high ...
       Arrival of the "composite" stage on the launch pad. The rocket is already waiting there inside ...
       A last glance.. Next time this assembly will be in the open again, it will be on top of the launcher, awaiting departure...
       An interesting size compairison: the encapsulated satellites in their composite stage aside the huge boosters of the launcher.

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