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NEW EU CLUSTER PORTAL Közzététel időpontja:: 12/08/2014, Utolsó frissítés: 22/06/2015

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Unit D.5 “SMEs: Cluster and Emerging Industries” is pleased to announce the launch of its new EU Cluster Portal on the European Commission webpages, which provides information on key European initiatives, actions and events for clusters and their SMEs with the aim of creating more world-class clusters across the EU. Over time, links with other EU actions of interest to clusters and their SMEs will be added to make the Portal as complete as possible.

The launch also coincides with the new phase of the European Cluster Observatory and the announcement of the 4th European Cluster Conference “Boosting SME growth, industrial renewal and regional structural change through modern cluster policies and support” which will take place in Brussels on 20-21 October 2014.

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