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The China IPR SME Helpdesk: Webinar on “Obtaining and Enforcing Design Patents in China” Published on: 04/08/2014, Last update: 16/06/2015

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Event date: 27/08/2014
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9:30am (GMT), 27 August 2014

Design patent protection in China plays an important role in protecting innovative industrial designs; it is a cost-effective tool for preventing copycat products reaching the global market. Moreover, it can be used in addition to other types of IPR, further strengthening certain goods against infringement. However, it is often the case that SMEs do not realise their innovations can be protected by this type of IPR. In this webinar, Helpdesk expert Toby Mak will highlight measures European SMEs should take to protect their IP rights via design patents in China. The primary focus will be on IP issues most relevant to European SMEs including how to define a design patent, issues regarding computer and device graphical user interfaces, and obtaining and enforcing design patents in China. The main presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session with the expert.

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