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Environment/industrial policy: Live and work in better buildings

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The Commission adopted new proposals which aim to reduce the environmental impacts of new and renovated buildings by increasing resource efficiency and improving the information available about the environmental performance of buildings.

European Commission Vice-President Michel Barnier, acting Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship said: "The construction sector should see today's proposals as a chance to innovate and attract new talent. New technologies offer big potential, not only for new houses, but also for renovating millions of existing buildings to make them highly energy efficient. Let's not miss this opportunity."

The results should be:

  • good for the environment. Almost one half of the EU's final energy consumption and extracted materials, and about one third of EU water consumption, are related to the construction and occupancy of buildings;
  • good for the building sector. Europe's construction sector generates almost 10% of GDP and provides 20 million jobs;
  • and good for occupants. Sustainable buildings are cheaper to operate and maintain and they have positive impacts on the occupants when it comes to health and well-being.

Press release and memo

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