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Annual report on the implementation of the EU Steel Action Plan 25/06/2014

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At today's High level expert group on the future of the European steel industry the annual report on progress in the implementation of the Steel Action Plan will be presented. The plan was devised in June 2013 to help the sector confront challenges and lay the foundations for future competitiveness by fostering innovation, creating growth and jobs.

The report reveals that a number of measures have been proposed or put in place by EU countries to support the implementation of the EU's Steel Action Plan. 

For example, Italy and Spain have revived at national level a High Level Group similar to the European one, which incorporates companies, trade unions and the government. Slovakia adopted a national Steel Action Plan based on the EU plan. Poland and other countries have introduced a scheme regarding the earmarking of the Emission Trading Scheme revenues. The UK has provided support to retain strong research and development facilities.

The full report is available via the link below.

The High level expert group is an important platform to disseminate information on initiatives and best practices across Member States and ultimately to reach and aid companies, trade unions, and research entities working in the steel industry.


Guglielmo di Cola

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