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CONNECTing European Entrepreneurs with Brazil Pubblicato il: 19/06/2014, Ultimo aggiornamento: 23/06/2015

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The European Commission is co-financing a scheme to support the exchange of entrepreneurs between Brazil and Europe. This will give EU entrepreneurs the chance to work alongside an experienced host entrepreneur in Brazil and explore the Brazilian market.

CONNECT will allow for 50 new entrepreneurs from Europe to spend a period of 1 to 6 months with host entrepreneurs in Brazil and vice versa.

This win-win collaboration will give entrepreneurs on both sides the benefit of new perspectives, the chance to exchange knowledge and ideas and discover new markets and business partners.

Applications for the first wave (going to Brazil in 2014) started this month (June 2014).

The project is coordinated at European level by EBN - European Business and Innovation Centre Network which is located in Brussels. It is financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, which is a predecessor to COSME.


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