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Policy Recommendations for Action – Harnessing the Power of Service Innovation Avaldatud: 30/06/2014

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The European Service Innovation Centre has now published its policy recommendations in a series of six policy briefs each of which is addressed to a specific model demonstrator region. The policy brief responds to the initial challenge identified by the region in its application to participate in this initiative. It is based on a regional summary assessment prepared by a team from ESIC that analysed the potential role that service innovation could play in that region. Its production also followed a series of peer review meetings that took place during January to February 2014, where the regional stakeholders and a peer review panel considered the findings of the summary assessment and identified the potential ways forward.

Service innovation should not simply be regarded as a fancy concept that is fashionable to discuss. Regions and regional innovation stakeholders need to take initiatives and practical steps to harness the power of service innovation. This was the ‘leitmotif’ behind the development and drafting of these six policy briefs that provide concrete recommendations to regional policy-makers and outline a specific roadmap for implementation that has been developed in close interaction with each model demonstrator region. The policy briefs have now been published and are being shared with a wider circle of regions so that others can also learn from the experiences of the model demonstrator regions.

The policy briefs reiterate the starting point of the work, summarise the key findings of the analysis of the region’s potential and describe the service innovation-inclusiveness of the regional innovation policy. The policy recommendations are discussed in detail and finally, each the policy brief outlines a roadmap and an action plan for the region in question.

The recommendations put a specific emphasis on adopting a systemic approach to innovation policy. This means, on the one hand, weaving service innovation into existing policy measures and improving the links between the elements in the policy mix and, on the other hand, looking at the wider framework conditions and business eco-system that can enable enterprises to think in terms of service innovation.

Concrete proposals are put forward in the policy briefs such as changing the composition of collaborative networks or the criteria for selection in existing support measures by integrating a service innovation concept, developing a service innovation and industrial renewal factory and allocating additional funding from existing innovation support programmes to test a new business model or to adapt prototypes on-site for potential customers.


Please note that the policy recommendations/briefs will be further discussed with the model demonstrator regions and the action plans will be developed in the future.

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