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Improving the market performance of business information services regarding listed SMEs Avaldatud: 07/07/2014

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ECSIP consortium.

As part of the December 2011 Action Plan to improve access to finance for SMEs, the ECSIP consortium carried out a study on behalf of DG Enterprise and Industry to explore how to facilitate access to high quality business information on listed SMEs in order to make such SMEs more visible and attractive for potential investors.

The main purpose of the study was to properly identify, analyse and help remedy any shortcomings in current market performance that negatively affect the optimal provision of such information. This would assist existing and/or newly established commercial market players in developing business models for research on listed SMEs that should be self-sustaining in the longer run. The final report includes a definition of the relevant market and a synopsis of information needs of different types of investors, five case studies on selected markets (four within the EU - France, Poland, Sweden, UK - plus Australia) and some recommendations for stock exchanges, SMEs and regulators on how to improve the quality of business information.

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