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EU launches world’s largest civilian robotics programme – 240,000 new jobs expected

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Robotics contributes to Europe's strong position in global manufacturing.

Speaking from the Automatica 2014 conference in Munich, European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said: "Robots do much more than replace humans – they often do things humans can’t or won’t do; and that improves everything from our quality of life to our safety. Integrating robots into European industry helps us create and keep jobs in Europe.”

But the potential of robotics goes far beyond the factory: robots can help nurses in hospitals; they can inspect dangerous power plants; and they can carry out laborious jobs on farms. This new public-private partnership launched today is expected to create over 240,000 jobs in Europe, and increase Europe’s share of the global market to 42% (a boost of €4 billion per year).

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