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Mind the Accessibility Gap: Rethinking Accessible Tourism in Europe Publié le: 06/05/2014, Dernière mise à jour: 23/01/2015

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Date de l'événement: 06/06 > 06/06/2014
Lieu: Building Carlemagne - Room De Gasperi
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 170 - 1000 Brussel - (Belgium)
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The conference presented the economic potential of accessible tourism, the choices and preferences of people with special needs, the state of the current supply of accessible tourism services, the skills and training needed.

This conference built on the results of a study "Economic impact and travel patterns of accessible tourism in Europe" launched by the European Commission, with the financing of the European Parliament.

It also looked at how tourism operators, especially SMEs, can reap the potential of this market which remains vastly under-served. Making tourism more accessible is not only a social responsibility, but there is also a compelling business case for doing so.

Summary video of the conference

A ceremony for the European Excellence Awards for Accessible Tourism took place at the end of the event:

Webstream of the event

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