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Summary Assessment Reports of the six ESIC model demonstrator regions

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What are the regional challenges faced in six ESIC Model Demonstrator Regions and can service innovation help addressing them? Is the regional policy mix conducive to transformation, induced by service innovation? How do regional stakeholders’ view on the regional innovation system and its attributes differ from the analysis provided by the ESIC teams? These questions are addressed in the ESIC Summary Assessment Reports, each exploring the regional innovation system of one of the model demonstrator regions.  The reports have also served as a starting point for a dialogue between the ESIC teams and the regional stakeholders in order to identify the cornerstones of better regional service innovation policies in Emilia Romagna, Limburg, Upper Austria, the Canary Islands, Luxembourg and Northern Ireland.

The aim of the ESIC activities carried out in the regions is to assist regional policy-makers to test, update and improve their existing policies as well as to boost emerging industries by identifying the gaps and shortcomings in the wider framework conditions of the region.

The summary assessment reports provide an evaluation whether the regional policy mix is conducive to the emergence of new business sectors/models or the transformation of existing sectors/models or not via the application of service innovation processes and concepts. This includes a mapping of the economic change induced by service activities and service innovation and also an assessment of policy options and policy support measures. Based on the analysis, the report provides initial recommendations for a systemic approach to policies as well as showcases examples of service innovation policies.

Each summary assessment report starts with the regional challenge which, in turn, provides the context for the whole ESIC activities. The report takes into account the current socio-economic situation, presents regional indicator data developed in the European Service Innovation Scoreboard and highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of the regional innovation ecosystem. The reports provide insights to be taken into account when designing the regional policy mix in order to unleash the transformative power of service innovation. Moreover, the reports provide several examples of service innovation and its use at the regional level. They can also be used as a benchmark and policy learning tool.

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