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Six partnerships to develop sustainable transnational tourism in Europe Julkaistu: 23/04/2014, Viimeisin päivitys: 23/06/2015

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Six new tourism projects have been awarded with EU grants in 2013 through a call for proposals aimed at “Supporting the enhancement and promotion of sustainable transnational thematic tourism products” under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP).

Gastronomy, history and culture, environmentally friendly accommodation or transport, rural areas, cycling tourism are some examples of the innovative types of tourism that will be promoted by those transnational initiatives.

The projects are:

EcoDots - Europe Green Travel: aims at building an innovative network of sustainable accommodations and “green” itineraries in the participating countries so as to promote eco-friendly tourism . The project will connect travellers, small and micro enterprises in hospitality sector, tours operators, local communities and itineraries, sharing a close link to the concept of sustainability tourism. Presentation of the project

>EuroVelo 8 the Mediterranean Route will build on the well-developed sections of the Eurovelo cycle route 8 along the river Po in Italy and in Spain and the brand Pirenexus Route to combine cycling and cultural heritage along the Mediterranean landscape and culture. Presentation of the project

EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail focuses on the northern section of the Iron Curtain Trail, cycle path along the borders which divided Europe into East and West for half a century. The project will experience the history of Europe and explore and develop the border regions of Europe by cycling with few negative environmental impacts and many positive social and economic benefits.

Cultural Routes in the Middle and Lower Danube Region II – Roman Emperors Route and Danube Wine Route going to Market’ is about making the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route ready to be placed on the tourism market through the promotion and development of cultural cross-border tourism in the Danube region. The Route is encompassing 20 spots along the Roman Emperors Route and 12 wine regions along the banks of the Danube. More info on the Roman Emperors Route and Danube Wine Route

Rural Wellbeing Tourism Products of Northern Europe (Prowell) aims to enhance and promote Rural Wellbeing tourism products in Europe by supporting transnational co-operation between different tourism stakeholders to provide, develop and promote sustainable wellbeing tourism products in rural areas. The project will profile and add competitiveness of the Northern Europe as a Rural Wellbeing Tourism Destination by supporting tourism service providers. Presentation of the project

Tastes of Trappists aims to create a transnational base for the development and recognition of a sustainable tourism strategy within major Trappists’ sites areas. Different touristic interests will be gathered in this project: passion for beer and cheese typical productions, religious devotion for the abbeys’ sites and traditions, cultural interest for the countries involved and touristic approach based on hiking and cycling experiences. Presentation of the project

The European Commission supports the development of a competitive, sustainable, responsible and high-quality tourism offer. The diversification of the supply of sustainable tourist services and products will take advantage of the high potential and diversity of European natural, cultural and historical richness and contribute to the competitiveness of the European tourism industry.