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“Where are the jobs created?” The Swedish report on the importance of small and young businesses in the Swedish economy during 1990–2009

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The Expert Group on Public Sector Economics.

The study made by The Expert Group on Public Sector Economics explores the importance of small and young businesses in the restructuring of the Swedish economy during 1990–2009.  An extensive analysis of the Swedish business dynamics is based on a data from Statistics Sweden (SCB).

The report covers questions such as: What kinds of jobs disappeared? What jobs were created? How did employment dynamics vary over time and between the services and manufacturing industries?

In summary, the empirical analysis shows that:

  • Despite the deep crisis that hit Sweden in the early 1990s, and the ongoing financial crisis, almost 190 000 net new jobs were created in the business sector during 1990–2009. Underlying this figure are large-scale employment dynamics. These 190 000 new jobs were the difference between about 3.42 million jobs created and 3.23 million jobs lost.
  • During 2000–2009, employment grew in businesses of all sizes in the services sector. Negative employment growth in manufacturing was mainly characterized by a decrease in the number of employees in the largest firms.

The conclusion is that diversity in the business sector is essential for an economically effective restructuring.

The English summary of the report can be found here.

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