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Launch conference" Stimulating Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe"

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Дата на проявата: 29/04/2014
Място: The Egg Brussels
175 Rue Bara - 1070 Brussels - (Belgium)
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Doubt is good. It leads to questioning. Which in turn leads to good answers and ultimately, great ideas. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs never go past the doubt.

 That’s why the European Commission, Deloitte, EBN and DIGITALEUROPE have the pleasure to invite you to the Stimulating digital entrepreneurship conference on 29 April at the Egg in Brussels. The launch conference of the pan-European Awareness campaign on "Stimulating Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe", featuring well-known entrepreneurs and
intrapreneurs taking benefit from the business opportunities offered by
advanced digital technologies, as well as policy makers and academia, venture capital and mentoring schemes.
Today, Europe’s ambition is to create new business opportunities through novel digital technologies in order to increase growth and create employment.
To enlighten you about digital entrepreneurship, we’ll be discussing some of these topics:

•What can Europe do to inspire, grow and retain digital entrepreneurs?
•How can Europe transform ideas into successful business?
•The importance of mentorship, incubators and support.
•What to do if you have a start-up idea?

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