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Analysis of implementation of the Construction Products Regulation Published on: 28/03/2014

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The purpose of the study is to analyse the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 in Member States as regards their legal provisions and administrative practices, as well as at the level of the whole EU.


More specifically, the contractor shall gather, analyse, validate and summarise data in order to answer to two key questions related to the implementation of the CPR:

  1. How and to which extent has the CPR been implemented at national and EU level?
  2. To which extent the CPR showed useful to produce the intended results and effects in terms of free movement of products, clarification, credibility and simplification?

In addition, the contractor will be requested to gather analyse, validate and summarise data which serves to answer to another strategic policy question: to which extent the CPR serves to fulfil the objectives of the Commission's policy for products regarding competitiveness, sustainability and innovation, including in order to respond to future technological developments (for example, 3D printing)?

In practical terms, the study will need to describe the European and the national systems and structures in place, considering aspects such as the uniformity of the implementation, the possible obstacles for cross-border commerce and movement of construction products, the length of the procedures involved for the development of standards, the fluent utilisation of key enabling technologies, or the untapped potential of the CPR regarded as an ICT system, a structure for creating, communicating, disseminating and storing information.