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Friday's EGNOS launch in Kourou : a look back into the mirror Paskelbta: 20/03/2014, Paskutinį kartą atnaujinta: 25/06/2015

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"Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps", as the proverb goes in French, but it is on spring day that the Ariane 5 launcher will take the EGNOS GEO2-loaded satellite into space....

Have you ever wondered what had happened before a satellite is installed on top of a launcher, and readied for the launch ?

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(all pictures © Arianespace)

The satellite arrives at Kourou aboard an Antonov heavylifter;
 The delicate package is raised to a vertical position;
 Last checks, and fixing of an adapter cone to the base of the satellite;
 The satellite is carefully moved to a transport palette;
 The palette itself is slowly rolled into a transport container;
   The transport container itself is taken to the next stop, where the satellite will be assembled on the launcher;

 Last moments of terrestrial "freedom" for the satellite : it is lowered in position on the top of the rocket.

Its worklife will soon begin...

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