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Multiple framework contract in the fields of emissions and competitiveness and economic analysis of the automotive industry Published on: 19/03/2014, Last update: 28/03/2014

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The European Commission wishes to conclude Multiple Framework Contracts with reopening of competition in the field of Emissions and in the field of Competitiveness and economic analysis of the automotive industry.

The overall objective of the Sustainable Mobility and Automotive Industry Unit is to foster the competitiveness of the automotive sector in Europe; in order to reach that objective, the Unit operates in the frame of the following responsibilities:

  1. completion of the internal market in the sector;
  2.  encouraging the sector to contribute actively to the policy of sustainable development;
  3. rollout and updating of relevant regulation in the automotive sector, both at European level and internationally;
  4. provision of comprehensive and up to date economical and technical data on the automotive sector within the European Union and at international level.

All services provided in the context of the envisaged multiple framework service contracts will be related to the abovementioned responsibilities and will provide support to the automotive unit for their effective implementation.

Contracts will be concluded for the following lots (maximum 4 contracts for each lot):

- Lot 1: Emissions from road vehicles: compilation, analysis and evaluation of cost/benefit analysis with respect to vehicle emissions legislation and improving the existing legislation and adapting it to technical developments.

- Lot 2: Competitiveness and economic analysis of the automotive industry. The contractor will be expected to present and analyse market, economic and technological trends in global markets and alert the Commission to changes which could influence the global competitiveness of the European automotive industry.


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