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Oxfordshire Innovation Engine -report Published on: 05/03/2014

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University of Oxford and Science Oxford.

Oxfordshire Innovation Engine. Realising the growth potential - report provides evidence-based observations on the characteristics of the Oxfordshire high tech economy, and recommendations on how its growth performance could be improved. The main focus is on the current situation and future prospects, in the context of the past evolution.

The report, drawing on contributions from local high tech firms, local government, research establishments and the investment and professional services communities, is both thorough and thought provoking.

The report provides an analysis of the factors that have led Oxfordshire to become one of the UK’s most significant centres for service based research and enterprise. It puts these factors into a wider national and international context and it highlights the strategic importance of the area in fields as diverse as life sciences, high performance engineering, space, motorsport, ICT and particle physics. Most importantly, it also identifies the constraints that are currently preventing Oxfordshire from realising its full potential and it provides a clear set of recommendations.