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The Transformative Power of Service Innovation – Some Successful Examples from the Model Demonstrator Regions Publicerat den: 19/02/2014, Senaste uppdatering: 05/03/2014

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The role and impact of service innovation can best be illustrated via concrete cases involving either single companies or even whole industries. The boundaries between the manufacturing and service sectors have been vanishing, as companies have moved from manufacturing towards services and vice versa. Successful companies can have various positive effects on their surroundings, for example on the level of employment and on overall growth and regional competitiveness.  The case examples that are representative of the model demonstrator regions in ESIC, highlight the transformative impact of service innovation at company as well as at sectoral and economic levels. The cases also provide insights into governmental activities in the specific industries that are considered to have a strong strategic value for the regional ecosystems.

However, there are many other success stories beyond these regions. We would be delighted to hear from readers about what they consider to be pioneers of service innovation, which boost regional growth. Please e-mail esic(at) with your views and we will feature the most interesting of these contributions on the ESIC web pages or in the next newsletter.