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Europeans think space sector contributes to growth and scientific progress Publicat la data de: 28/01/2014

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Almost six out of ten Europeans think that space activities contribute to job creation in the EU, that investing in human space exploration can lead to medical progress or that space technologies have a role to play in avoiding threats such as asteroids, comets, and space debris collisions.

These are among the main conclusions of a new Eurobarometer survey presented in Brussels today. The results show that Europeans increasingly recognise the importance of space for the EU and are generally positive about the current and future role of space technologies and space-derived services.

The space sector is expected by survey responders to help with employment, medical advances, efficient agriculture and the management of environment and climate related concerns to name but a few sectors. Europeans also predict that the energy sector and the environment are the areas where space activities will be most likely be playing an important role in 20 years’ time.

At a conference today on space policy, European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship commented: "I am glad to see that Europeans support our space programmes. Space is a growth sector, important for job creation and innovation. This survey acknowledges that Europeans are aware that space technologies and space-based services are an important part of the daily lives of European citizens”.

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