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Study on composition and drivers of energy prices and costs in energy intensive industries Veröffentlicht am: 27/01/2014, Letzte Aktualisierung: 11/09/2015

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In May 2013 the European Commission received a mandate from the European Council to “to present an analysis of the composition and drivers of energy prices and costs in Member States, with a particular focus on the impact on households, SMEs and energy intensive industries, and looking more widely at the EU's competitiveness vis-à-vis its global economic counterparts”.

Following such mandate and in view of the preparation by the Commission of a Communication and a Staff Working Document, DG Enterprise and Industry carried out a study with the main purpose of providing well-grounded evidence about the evolution and composition of energy prices and costs at plant level within individual industry sectors.

The specific objective was to complement information already available at macro level with a bottom-up perspective on the operating conditions that, in terms of energy prices and costs, industry stakeholders need to deal with. The approach chosen was based on case studies for a certain number of (sub-)sectors amongst energy-intensive industries. A standard questionnaire was circulated and respondents were sampled according to specified criteria. Data and information collected were finally presented in a structured format and in order to guarantee comparability of results between the different (sub-)sectors analysed.


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