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A vision for the internal market for industrial products

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The vision Communication is based on a 12-week online public consultation and a thorough and independent assessment of the day-to-day functioning of Union legislation on industrial products and its impact on businesses, administrations and other stakeholders.

On 22 January 2014, the Commission adopted its vision for the internal market for industrial products. The objective is to take stock of recent developments in the field of industrial products legislation and set out a broader vision for the decade ahead.

The Communication based on an independent assessment and a wide public consultation concludes that the internal market legislation for products is not only a key factor for the competitiveness of European industry but also for consumer and environmental protection.

However, one of the important issues faced by the internal market for products is how to keep up with the pace of technological and societal challenges of the 21st century while taking account of European industry’s demand for periods of regulatory stability without any major overhaul of the rules. In the short term therefore, the Commission will focus its efforts on strengthening enforcement mechanisms.

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