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Open Call for Expression of Interest for an “Innovation Partnership” with the European Mobile &Mobility Industries Alliance Objavljeno: 17/01/2014, Zadnja sprememba: 24/06/2015

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The European Mobile & Mobility Industries Alliance follows the innovation policy frame set by the European Commission’s Innovation Union flagship and is a strategic initiative bringing together policy makers and industry representatives as announced in ”An Integrated Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era” flagship.

To fully unlock the potential of the mobile & mobility industries required new policy approaches. Therefore, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry established the “European Mobile & Mobility Industries Alliance (EMMIA)” in December 2011. EMMIA is a cross-sectoral policy initiative that combines policy learning with additional concrete actions on better access to finance and on large-scale demonstrators. It is an open platform that brings together policy-makers and business support practitioners from all over Europe including European organisations like the European Commission, the European Space Agency ESA, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute ETSI and the European GNSS (Global Satellite Navigation Systems) Agency GSA. EMMIA considers concrete specific steps which should be taken at European level to support service innovation in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The EMMIA Policy Learning Platform Members comprise currently 17 committed regions in Europe, which discuss in a series of meetings the role of innovation in mobile services in order to attain the Europe 2020 goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Together it evaluates policy rationales behind successful service innovation initiatives both at regional and EU level to assess what can be done, notably at European level, to promote the power of mobile service innovation in order to transform the economy.

This call for expression of interest is launched to identify public partners such as regional ministries or municipal administrations, innovation and development agencies, etc. willing and committed to start a temporary innovation partnership during March – July 2014. For smaller countries also Expressions of Interests on a national level will be considered. The six core contractors of the EMMIA Policy Learning Platform are excluded from the application process.

The successful regions and the team of the EMMIA Policy Learning Platform will jointly define the programme of each series of meetings/events and also identify the experts and stakeholders to be invited. The programme should be a dynamic mix of expert and policy input, roundtable discussions and business case studies on the transformative power of service innovation in mobile and mobility industries.