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Public consultation on information provided to consumers about characteristics of furniture products Közzététel időpontja:: 11/12/2013

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Objective of the consultation

Information about specific furniture product characteristics, provided to consumers at the time of purchase, may be insufficient for them to compare between different furniture products sold on the EU market as a basis for informed choices. For example, such information may relate to furniture product weight, dimensions, origin, materials and substances used, quality processes applied, product durability, instructions and precautions on use, cleaning and disposal, etc.

In this context, some EU countries have introduced or been considering developing information schemes specific to furniture products, which complement information required under the EU product safety legislation. These national schemes may well facilitate consumers’ purchasing decisions, however, their divergent information content can possibly impact the companies trading furniture across the EU.

The objective of this public consultation is therefore to gather stakeholders’ views on the possible needs for and impacts of enhanced information accompanying furniture products sold in the EU.

Target group(s)

Citizens and consumer organisations, market surveillance bodies, other government institutions, standardisation organisations, test laboratories, intergovernmental organisations, interest groups (manufacturers, importers and exporters, retailers, consumers, environmentalists), trade unions, individual manufacturers, individual importer and exporters, individual retailers, research institutes and consultancies.

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