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Webinar: Payment options and challenges when exporting to China

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Renginio data: 03/12 > 03/12/2013
Vieta: Bejing
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Receiving payment for exported goods and services provided is naturally one of the main concerns of any exporter and the Centre receives questions concerning payment options, conditions, procedures and their specifics in China on a regular basis.

In order to choose the right payment mode, it is important not only to
understand the complexity of foreign exchange control in China and the specifics of the Chinese banking system, but also what role the Chinese importer plays in the payment process, and what fees and taxes might be applicable. If you export your products or provide services to China and are wondering how long you will have to wait for your payment, whether you need to pay any taxes or who is your tax withholding agent, join this webinar and learn more on:
Foreign exchange control procedures related to overseas payments

  • Payment options for exported goods and provided services
  • Procedures necessary to effectuate the payment
  • Practical case studies

Attendance is free for EU SMEs and intermediaries such as chambers of
commerce, embassies and trade promotion agencies.

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