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From Research to Action: “Resource Efficient Innovation for SMEs” Data tal-pubblikazzjoni: 18/11/2013

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Il-post fejn se jsir: MADOU Auditorium
Place Madou 1 - 1210 Brussels -
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DG Research and Innovation gathers research organisations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) participating in EU-funded projects under the Environment Programme to discuss the role of SMEs and resource efficiency in the context of green economy.

Resource efficiency is a priority for Europe. The Europe 2020 strategy highlights the role of Research and Innovation (R&I) in enabling the transition towards a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Building on the experience acquired during the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) this event aims at consolidating the perspective of participants on resource efficiency, SMEs and green markets. In addition, the outcome of the event is expected to complement the results of the on-going public consultation on a Green Action Plan for SMEs.

The event is taking place in MADOU Auditorium, Place Madou 1, 1210 Brussels (Metro station “Madou”).